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William James
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Saturday, October 16, 2010

On Not Getting Into The LDS Temple

The question was put:

"It seems that there are many in the church that are not TR holders. I have looked at the interview questions and realized there was not much there that most LDS members could fail on. I.E. Do you believe in the restored gospel, believe in the prophet, believe in the priesthood, do you carry out your calling...etc etc. Just obvious stuff that church members would follow otherwise, why be a LDS right?

So that leaves, being honest with your fellow man, chastity, tithing, Word of Wisdom, and temple endowment obligations if you have been given them.

So out of all the members that do not hold TR's, what do you think are the biggest culprits keeping them out?"

To which I responded:

In my opinion, hands down, the two big barriers for people truly wanting to go to the temple are: (1) actual or perceived (usually perceived) violations of the law of chastity; and (2) tithing.

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