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William James
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Saturday, October 16, 2010

On Elder Holland's Talk About Not Being Able To Leave The Church Without Unreasonably Rejecting The Book Of Mormon

The comment was made concerning Jeffrey R. Holland's October 2009 conference talk:

"Just thought I would say that, as always, Jeffrey R. Holland's talk is powerful, well thought out, insightful, etc. etc. etc. He is both a moving and a persuasive speaker, his logic excellent. Plus, I always love his topics! I do always feel the Spirit when he talks."

To which I responded:

I have a more difficult time feeling the Spirit when Elder Holland talks. I strongly disagree with his comment about the BoM being something that people must discredit before being able to leave the church. As I have said many times, I do not believe that the BoM's truth/authenticity would necessarily compel a person to remain an active member of the church and accept all of the present-day dogma which comes out of the mouths of Holland and other church leaders. Just as God give us truth line upon line, and precept upon precept, here a litte, and there a little, it is perfectly plausible that serious doctrinal error could persist in the church even if the BoM is true. While these doctrinal errors do not necessarily compel a person to leave the church, they are significant enough to seriously undermine the idea that our leaders' purported revelations and sermons are always from God.

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