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William James
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Saturday, October 16, 2010

On Love And LDS Marriage

The question was put:

"The way I understand it, the D&C covers polygamy as it relates to the Mormon version of heaven. In that heaven, a man can have multiple wives, but a woman can have but one husband. I started thread on another site (Christianfourms) and a Mormon replied:


I don't know what can or cannot be discussed, but assume this can be since he brought it up (it's a fairly old post BTW). I don't understand how one can marry, or choose a spouse for the dead? Or, just what is the sanctity of marriage according to the LDS faith and where does love fit into it?

My question is as follows:

Is love not a requirement for marriage in the LDS faith? (yes or no)"

To which I responded:

It certainly is not a requirement for marriage. The LDS faith will never, from what I've observed, prohibit a marriage on account of the two people not loving each other. In fact, regardless of whether love exists in the marriage, one or both partners are likely to be condemned if the marriage breaks up. It seems to me rather ironic to consider the following: Marriage is intended to make us happy. Yet the LDS church seems to consider it a much greater tragedy that two people who are unhappy in their marriage get a divorce, than the tragedy of them staying together and miserable for all of their lives.

The question of whether love is required in a marriage also really begs the question, "What kind of love?" The LDS faith seems perfectly content, as I see it, for a married couple to have virtually no sexual relations or sexual attraction toward each other, as long as they are friends, can remain active in the church, have children, not get divorced, and raise their children "in righteousness." If anyone knows of a general conference talk openly coming out and condemning sexless marriages, or chastising marriage partners for not doing anything to take care of their physical appearance, I'd like to hear about it. Anyone know?

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