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William James
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Saturday, October 16, 2010

On The Claim That Prohibition Of Alcohol Should Be Reinstated

The comment was made:

"News article reports that a 28 year old man was just arrested for second degree manslaughter. Seems he allowed his home to be used for a bunch of teen to have a drinking party. One of them was found by another adult unconscious on the front lawn. That adult told the 28-year old to drive the 15 year old kid to a hospital, which he did, but the kid was not breathing an unresponsive when he got there. Instead of waiting around, the 28-year old simply left without speaking further with the hospital staff.

We hear constantly that Prohibition was a failure. So what do we call the more than 100,000 alcohol related deaths per year in this country? A success?"

To which one person commented:

"Prohibition was a failure because it didn't work. The current number of alcohol related deaths, while tragic, is unrelated to that fact."

To which I responded:

Agreed. I am against alcohol but believe it is simply impractical to outlaw it entirely. This is something we will have to do one step at a time, the hard way, convincing individuals that any perceived benefits are not worth the individual and social cost.

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