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William James
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Wednesday, July 28, 2010

On The Proclamation On The Family And Gender Permanency

The question was put:

"What is meant by "gender" in the Proclamation (choose all that are correct)?
It means biology and anatomy: even spirits have real gonads (35 votes [40.70%])
Percentage of vote: 40.70%
It means sexual orientation: spirits naturally experience heterosexual attraction (13 votes [15.12%])
Percentage of vote: 15.12%
It means cultural gender roles: men provide and women nurture (15 votes [17.44%])
Percentage of vote: 17.44%
t means religious gender roles: men have the priesthood and women do not (12 votes [13.95%])
Percentage of vote: 13.95%
It means something else (11 votes [12.79%])"

To which I responded:

I did not vote because none of the choices seemed to quite fit. The clear intent is to take something that no one can dispute with any evidence (the doctrine that we had a gender in the pre-mortal existence) and turn it into a justification for denouncing homosexual behavior in mortality. I personally feel convinced that, however eternal our gender might be, during mortality, a substantial percentage of the population has a biological predisposition toward homosexuality, and a loving god would not imprison them in mortality with a total prohibition on homosexual fantasies and acts. To the extent that those things are "unnatural," I'm confident they can be ironed out in the afterlife. In the meantime, I don't think God expects mankind to practice total abstinence just because they happen to be gay.

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