William James

William James
We must get by on what truth we have today, and be willing to call it error tomorrow.

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Is Speeding Sinful?

The question was put:

"Speeding: Do you do it and Are you Sinning?"

To which I responded:

Legally speaking, speeding is a violation any time it is not justified by an emergency. Morally speaking, it is only immoral whenever it unjustifiedly endagers. I routinely speed in situations where there is free-flowing traffic, straight flat, dry road, wide lanes, there is plenty of security distance between me and the car ahead of me, and I only travel at a speed that is safe. Posted speed limits usually do not account for individualized conditions, including: the alertness of the driver, the kind of car being driven and whether it is kept in good repair, the amount of traffic, the lighting, the weather, etc. The posted limits are generally conservative to prevent accidents from crazy or incompetent drivers. What gripes me is when people tailgate, cut people off, and change lanes without signaling.

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