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William James
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Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Gay Activist Vandalization Of LDS Church Buildings

In reaction to media attention about gay activists vandalizing LDS church buildings in Washington State, the comment was made:

"I really don't think that this particular group is a reflection of the gay community in general. These guys are crazy anarchists who happen to be gay."

I tend to agree. For the record, while I support anyone's right to free speech, I condemn any such acts of vandalism which are directed toward a non-violent entity such as the LDS church. I continue to be active in the church despite my private disagreement over the issue of homosexuality, but these things should be resolved by peaceful debate. (On a sidenote, I lament the fact that the Church does not permit "peaceful" debate in an open fashion among active members, because any dissidents are immediately branded as apostate and tend not to be heard by those who would have the recognized authority to make doctrinal and policy changes in the church.)

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