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William James
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Wednesday, July 28, 2010

On The Concern That Dishonesty Is Infiltrating LDS Temples

The question was put:

"Dishonesty Infiltrating The Temple:

I helped out with temple baptisms the other night and afterwards I was talking to a guy there about temple matters in general. He said he heard that at the Draper Temple (and it could be happening at others as well) that they took it off the "endowment session by appointment" program because so many people would show up and say they were there for initiatories or sealings or baptims but then go into an endowment session instead, intentionally even, not because they had a sincere change of plans. I don't know if they were too lazy to call and make an appointment or if they called and found out it was full and wanted really badly to do an endowment session and they decided it was worth the price of dishonesty or what. Hopefully it's not true but if it is true then isn't that a little icky to think you might be in an endowment session with somebody who lied to get in?

My temple is still on an appointment basis and 90% of the time I have called and they wrote my name down and said, "Well see you then." Once or twice they would say, "Well, we are kind of full then but we can work you in." Or if they were full I would say, "Maybe I'll do initiatories instead." In short, being honest about it never presented a problem so I don't see why others felt like they had to be sneaky."

To which I responded:

I think it is safe to say that dishonesty has been infiltrating the temples for generations. The only way we can hope for that to ever change is by changing our unrealistic standards into realistic ones.

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