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William James
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Wednesday, July 28, 2010

On The De-Criminalization Of Polygamy

The question was put:

"If legislation to allow polygamy or polyandry were brought to the table, how would you respond? Would you support the measure? Oppose it? Be indifferent?"

To which one person commented:

"Consenting adults should be allowed to enter whatever sort of social contract they wish. Yes to decriminalizing polygamy."

To which I responded:

Hear hear! So long as it is only available to consenting, sane, competent, uncoerced adults, and is available to both women and men (polygyny and polyandry) I would fully support it. This, in my view, is an area which God commits to the individual discretion and conscience of people, with the sole limitation that they have an obligation to carry out their business in a way that does not, by an objective standard, cause more harm than good.

Caveat: as I have stated before on many occasions, I do not believe it is the Government's prerogative to label this (or any other) relationship marriage. I am simply advocating that polygamy not be illegal.

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