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William James
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Wednesday, July 28, 2010

On The Issue Of Judicial Activism As It Relates To Gay Marriage

In reaction to a court in Iowa legalizing gay marriage, the comment was made:

"It's judicial tyranny. That's all.Our betters have spoke, and we rubes and ignernt bigots need to recognize our place and fall into line. Pay, play, and obey."

To which I responded:

While it may be "judicial tyranny" for courts to ram gay marriage down the throats of religious conservatives, it is also a kind of tyranny for a religious majority to insist upon the Government sponsoring only their religion-based version of marriage. The term "marriage" carries with it a religious connotation, and while I disagree with the Iowa Supreme Court's decision, they aptly noted the connection between marriage as an institution and private religious beliefs. For that reason, we should take the Government out of the marriage question altogether, let couples of all sexual orientations have civil unions, and leave it up to individuals and religions to determine for themselves which relationships do and don't have the sanction of God.

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