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William James
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Monday, November 22, 2010

Comical Commentary On The "Book Of Mormon Movie"

The question was put:

"Will 'September Dawn' make more money than 'The Book of Mormon Movie' in its US theatrical run? It will be interesting to see how DVD sales go. Also, I wonder if it will play in markets out side the US. Some cultures love the mellow dramatic. Maybe a big hit in India ???? "

To which I responded:

Perhaps the real question is what their profit margins will turn out to be. The Book of Mormon Movie will probably have a margin of ~50,000+%, since it obviously only cost about $500 to make, broken down as follows:

Screenplay: $2.50
Directing: $1.75
Casting: $2.00
Acting (including volunteers
from local Relief Society): $0.37
Angel Moroni special effects: $14.95
Voice of Angel Moroni: $0.05
Film reel: $478.38
Distribution in Utah and Idaho: Free
Grand Total: About $500

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