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William James
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Monday, November 22, 2010

Biblical Comdemnation Of The LDS Faith?

The comment was made (October 2007):

"People use the excuse that us mormons are 'going to hell' unless we renounce the LDS faith as there reasons for anti-mormon(ism) products and actions- but i'm always left wondering, what bible verses are these people going off of? As a mormon I (in no special order)-
1). ...Accept Christ as the only begotten Son of God and my Savior.
2). ...Believe that i am saved by His grace and mercy when i develop faith in Him, repent of my sins and covenant with Him (which i believe happens when i am baptized).
I believe that having done those things i then may receive the gift of the Holy Ghost-which tells me my covenant has been accepted by Him.
3). ...Believe that i am saved ONLY through Christ's grace and that my own works have no power to make me worthy to be in God's presence for eternity-though i believe that desiring and trying to obey the commandments of Christ is a essential part of keeping my covenant relationship with Him.
Basically, i believe i must 'hunger and thirst after righteousness' as part of my covenant with Christ.
So again, what does the bible say about a person with beliefs such as these?
Where does the bible say that a person with such beliefs will go to hell?
And again-what bible verses support the belief that mormons are damned?

To which I responded:

A compilation of evangelical responses I have heard (paraphrased):

"But you don't worship the same Jesus as I do. You worship a different, false god, who was once a man, who has a physical body of flesh and bones, who lives on Kolob, who is Lucifer's father or brother, who had sexual intercourse with Mary, and who is polygamous, and is merely one among many gods. My god is the god of the Bible, who is, always was, and always will be the one and only true god. He is ever-present, has no body, was never a mortal, has nothing to do with the devil, and is only our 'father' in a figurative sense, having created us. You will not be saved because you don't believe in the true god."

Needless to say, I believe this line of argument is without merit. While we may disagree about God's attributes, we agree on the most essential ones and we strive to do his will. Only a capricious god (not worth worshipping) would thrust someone down to hell because their understanding of him was erroneous but arrived at in good faith.

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